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We do have Experienced and skilled engineers
and technicians at our fabrication workshops Contact Us About Us
[cl_service_icon_center icon_type=”image” title=”Company Overview”]Ajad is a professionally managed organization with team of skillful and experienced staff for efficient execution of jobs. Our company is an independent recruitment agency and our attitude is to supply our client with professional services. The company proficiently meets the construction requirements of electrical, scaffoldings, operations & maintenance, civil works and facility support services.[/cl_service_icon_center]
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Field support as per client requirements


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Mobilizing safe services at industrial plants and constructio


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We have well qualified engineers and technicians at our fabrication workshops


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Experience and skilled personnel


Company Portfolio

Currently, the company is focusing on several pioneering projects adopting a unique strategy in its works in addition to set of work standards at high level which enable the company to execute high quality Projects. Such strategy includes employing outstanding engineers of high competence and experience in addition to skilled technicians and experienced management staff who can act and provide high quality Services. We specialize in providing Technical and semi technical manpower support on permanent, temporary and contractual basis.

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